Friday, 19 March 2010

Little girl christmas card

This is a picture of a card I had drawn and like so much
I decided to make into a christmas card.
And this is the sketch above drawn in pen.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Thumbelina (within a pretty Flower)

"What a pretty flower", she cried, kissing the petals. At once
the tulip burst open with a pop. And in the very centre
of the flower sat a teeny tiny girl,neat and fair

These are Two illustrations I traced and coloured using
Adobe illustrator.

Thumbelina ( In the Deep of winter)

Thumbelina began to tremble with the cold,for her clothes
were now quite threadbare.She was so frail and slender,
poor little mite,that she would surely freeze to death.
Snow began to fall. Each fluffy flake that fell upon her head
was like an avalanche.

Handmade Mother's Day card

As you know it was Mother's Day yesterday!
and like many other people I spent a lot of time trying to think
what she may like! . . .
And although my Mum likes all the usual gifts
Chocolates,Flowers,Jewelery etc.
The one thing she always asks me for is a handmade card!
As this is the thing that stands the test of time, lasting longer
an any Flowers or Chocolates ever could.
(Mum never throws any away!and has them from when we were kids)

My Mum is my Inspiration and although she would never believe it,
a good Drawer herself !
As a child I would Watch her draw and in turn she encouraged me!

I Love you Mum x

Commissioned Handmade Teddy bears

I designed and made-up these Teddy bears, As a commission for a friend!
As with all things like this I ended up wanting to keep them . . .

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Hello I thought I would show you some of the
Watercolour Paintings I have done over the years

I would love to hear your comments x