Friday, 24 August 2012

you've won !

Hello....we have a winner!
A big Congratulations to Red rose alley!
Thank you for entering my shrink plastic plaque GIVEAWAY!
Sheri, Jess & Nel,Its coming your way!.......
Julie x

Monday, 20 August 2012

A little something sweet

Hello I've been painting when I should be doing
other more important things
HOWEVER I couldn't resist making at start on this
I called her candy girl something to do with her
cotton candy hair maybe x

Friday, 17 August 2012

le mysterieux carnival blog party

Le Mysterieux Carnival Blog Party
Your Walking through a dark woods
The autumn breeze blows in the trees
you hear the crunch of leaves behind you on the path
Is it a monster,a vampire,some unspeakable evil
You brace yourself....
WELCOME...To Le Mysterieux Carnival!
its true there maybe a few creatures of the night
lurking in the shadows!...
But also the magical sound of carnival rides
music in the air,candy floss,fortune tellers,twinkling
fairy lights & jack o lanterns,Halloween magic!
and booths of Echanting things!x
All you need is a silver ticket!
If you too would like to join in
please visit there webpage via the picture link above
or in side column x
Although I just join myself today! Ive been thinking
about it for a couple of weeks AND SO INSPIRED A
FEW IDEAS Ive been working on. Including some
clay dolls I am putting
finishing touches to like adding hair,clothing and
maybe a bat or jack o lantern. I Would love to hear
your thoughts x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Blissful atc swap Fairytales

August is here and so to the wonderful ATC'S of
Karla Jackson
who is my first atc swap partner this month!
This months swap Title is Fairytales and
As you can see the fairytales she picked
are,Briar Rose,Red shoes and cinderella.
These are so beautiful x Thank you karla
And on there way to karla are my three atc's
Princess & the pea, Little mermaid and Red riding Hood.
here's a speak peak at mine and how I made them.
I drew my fairytale charactors as pencil line drawings.
scanned them into my Serif digital scrapbook program
adding backgrounds & photo images to each.
reduced to ATC size, so I could paint each with
watercolour & acrylics.
I hope you like? x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My first animation

As a child a have love animation
and I believed it to be something only profesionals
could do! something you could not do without proper
equipment and skills.however I found you can make
an reasonable atempt with a bit of practice.
My first but hopifully not my last
I am still working out the bugs!
As you need a camera and tripod for hand animated
images and programs like flash or photoshop for
computer animated image creation,
which I have not got!
I Have adobe illustrator only,and window movie maker
to piece it together.
and I am still learning!
so please over look these things
I am hoping to get better with time x

Friday, 10 August 2012

Paper dress door hangers

The other day I was going through my craft draws
and picked up the coil of wire and started to bend it
into a coat hanger shape & I thought it would make a
really nice door hanger with abit of work! x
so out came the computer and I printed out elements onto
card then pieced together with foam tabs.
After cutting out the pieces I used old jewelery charms
and chain and joined them up to make a mini necklace
and fob watch embellishment.
lastly added lace and gold foil tape on the hem of the dresses.
and a paper rabbit with bow, paper butterfly and fabric flowers.
Hope you like this and feel inspired to make your own!
If you do I would love to see them too x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day in the park

Picture the scene, I am laying in the bright sunshine,
the sun hot on my skin,the sound of birds & insects
chirping in the distance, people laughing as they go
about there business.
The grass is soft and there is the faintest
smell of damp earth & tiny mini mushrooms
which are scattered around me.

Welcome to castle park gardens!
When the sun is out all you what to do is spend
it outside and for me this is going to my local park!
but its more an a chance to top up my tan,
Its a place to relax and think about new designs
and ideas I am thinking about to make
notes & drawings in my ever present sketchbook!
And these are a few recent drawing from my stetchbook
I hope you like x

Friday, 3 August 2012

playing with strink plastic

I am giving a away this strink plastic plaque
If you would like to recieve this leave a message at
the end of this post! I Will be pulling out a name
on the 24th August.
Shrink plastic is a sheet of thin plastic which comes
in clear, white & coloured sheets you which
can draw or rubber stamp,or print on and it shrinks
7 times smaller & 7 times thicker.
And can be used to make badges, jewelery,
scrapbook+card embellishments.

I am new to to shrink plastic and this project
was made because of a mistake of using
(non printable)sheets.but even mistakes can work!x
This is the original digiart design I used for my plaque.
I printed the image onto (non printable) white strink plastic at
8 by 8inches & using a heating tool applied to plaque.
the plaque began to fade and reduce in size by 7 times
I coated it in glitter & embossing powder, re-heat with tool.
this gave me an pearlised effect,
I measured plaque & re printed original image to new size.
cutting out elements,I glue on an re-applied
embossing powder to seal printed image.
lastly embellished with sequin flowers & gems,
pearlised button and lace background.
You can buy it in most craft shops or try here
For ideas and inspiration try here
please remember to leave a message here
if you would like to be entered x

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Going to the Circus!.....

Come one Come all to ...
the moonlight party under the bigtop blog party!!x
hosted by blissangel & Tabbys place
Taken place on 29th september
So what is this all about I HEAR YOU CRY!....
well firstly its a chance for me to craft
my little heart out....
To see some of the fantastic designs & ideas
of the other people taking part!
And lastly as I love sweets,cakes,popcorn & candyfloss
its seems like a very good excuse to get them x
All you have to do create a table decorated with all
things which make me think of the circus!x
For more inspiration or to join click on the
link above

so here are a few photos of my circus craft makes!
And last of all I would like to say A VERY BIG HELLO
to Karla my first my first Blissful atc swap partner!x
My Faerytale atcs are coming your way!