Sunday, 8 July 2018

Welcome back all art slackers (A LETTER TO MYSELF)

I've been away along time ...did you notice? do you care?
The problem with social media is the minute you stop posting any fan base
or people interested in you and your art slowly slips away
and the real question becomes can I win you back!

how to keep you inspired to keep you returning!
well this answer is elusive even to myself the only thing I can do is to TRY!
And keep doing what I've always done to keep trying my best and keep moving forward
after all that all anyone can do learn from past mistakes to grow as an individual.
To keep trying!... keep learning! and keep pushing forward in this life.

And that's what I've been up too!
firstly moving to a new place from last we spoke a new change in working space
a brand new (small) Art room with all my favourite supplies close at hand NOT
a corner of my bedroom or part of my living room as before but a space to
create to my heart content

I've been improving my skills (god bless) you tube art tutorials!

creating a nature journal! get out into the sunshine and seeing the amazing things
out there if we only have time to stop and really look !

And lastly to me getting out and about to meet and create with some of the talented artists
doing beautiful art in Leicester this has included drawing at the museum,
A bit of urban sketching meet ups a chance to drawing and chat,
Tea and sketch mornings at the cozy club
I even tried my hand at flower drawing in a botanical illustration class

So in the spirit of starting new here are some pictures of art space

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