Monday, 2 May 2016

Re-designing my art space

For a long time now, I've had a art space/area which just wasn't working for me....
and what is the point of have a space if it doesn't help to inspire you to be creative and do the best work you can do?
there have always been a few things I feel make my work area not function as well as it could. -The first being my work area is still in my bedroom and it has always been just a desk in the corner separate and not fitting in with the rest of the room, unfortunately I don't have the option to move into another room and make complete studio space so I have expanded my art area outwards so it blends better with the rest of my bedroom.
-The second problem was my tools and supplies that I use regularly were placed far away and out of reach so having very little floor spaces to work with I decided to move a set old bedside drawers up on to my table giving me a place which I could use for my watercolours/materials/tools I use a lot. freeing up floor space so maybe one day I could add another desk.
I also bought a pair of shelves to go above my desk for more storage, which brings me to point three -

I love looking on you tube looking at how other artists design/ and how their art studios/workspace help them to design more quickly and effectively. however there were quite a lot of beautiful workspaces with amazing storage for all their supplies ready to create but I didn't see art/craft project they were doing/done displayed in there rooms. For me I find inspiration in my own art as well as in others so on my new shelves are some drawings/watercolours I done, Paper clay art doll heads I am still working on and even some paper flowers I have made displayed in vases/pots around the room.
I certainly plan to keep adding/improving my art space, to continue adding my artwork into the my room.
I hope you liked this quick look at my design area and happy creating to you all x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Finding my style

This may seam like a silly thing to say after nearly forty years of drawing
but I still wonder what my style of drawing is...
working as an illustrator for many years in greeting card and gift product I was often asked to draw many characters in different styles and themes.
however recently I have had more time to spend on my own draws, This is one of the reasons I wished to start a sketchbook to see more clearly which themes,styles and character designs I am naturally drawn to!
I searched around for art and artist which inspire me.
so here are a few I LOVE X ......

Belle and boo
Sarah Jane studio

Adolie Day

Miss Clara

Art Nouveau

Mr Finch

Cori Dantini

There are many more fantastic artists out there too many to mention unfortunately.

So having collected my favourites, and set to create something new from the elements I like from the above artists.I have found a drawing style and mixed media techniques I feel work best for me and would love to hear what you think.

picture 1 /2-Sketches of my characters I prefer to draw women, children and animals.
picture 3-Canvas backgrounds created using printed patterns watercolour and mixed media techniques.
pictures 4/5/6-A few sketchbooks with characters and artwork I have been trying out, painted in watercolour,acrylics pencil and pen with dyecut/fabric embellishments.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A sketch a day ... fingers crossed !

I just recently started to use a sketchbook Which sounds silly considering I have been drawing all my life.
I doodled on scraps of paper,and most drawings didn't make the grade! straight into the bin
This is the main reason I found it so hard to keep A SKETCHBOOK, the fear of making a mess in a pretty new book was a real problem for me!
then suddenly I had a EUREKA moment,so I went online to find inspiration, helpful tips, and tricks to start sketchbooking.
Most online websites I found discouraging showing pages and pages of beautiful Artwork! and I needed to find some help with living with the crappy draws I do without tearing pages out of my book!
then I found Nela Dunato blog page which has been to most helpful post I have read and I look at alot of webpages!
So if like me you are thinking of starting a sketchbook or have the same mental block I had I encourage you to read her post.
As for me I try to draw every day,Even if this is a every quick doodle.
I am on my second sketchbook now,and starting to use different materials and media
Here are a few of my sketches and BARE IN MIND,I AM ONLY SHOWS YOU THE DRAWS I THINK ARE GOOD! I am keep those messy,crappy ones for my eyes only!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

my felting creations

As posted a few weeks ago I mention trying my hand at
something new! this of course was needle felting
I love it! so here are a few pictures of my little mouse
I have just finished making x plus a few felt cupcakes too!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

EASTER is just around the corner

Easter is all most here and so to the coming spring
which is my favourite time of year the start of a new season
A new sense of hope and freshness in the air
PLUS I love Easter! or prehaps its all the chocolate!

so I have made a few easter themed items to show you
A good reason to buy some cupcakes and easter eggs
to photograph for my blog.
The only question left is how long all these goodies
will last? I am thinking not long!! yummy x
so here are a couple of easter bunny greeting cards
mini bunny garland and bunny and egg cake decorations.
My bunny design comes from the charactor
I used in my blog header I just re-jigged the colours.

Thanks for looking!
Julie x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

trying my hand at something new

Hello everyone for the longest time I have
wanted to try my hand at needle felting!
but never got around to it and also I did not
have to right tools to start until last night
when I ordered the mat and needles and some more
felting wool.
So Iam counting the minutes till it arrives!
I with post some photos when Ive had a go
so please keep posted!
If you have any tips,hints of inspirational webpages
I can look at to help me out! I would be so very grateful!x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Long time no see!

Hello I've been gone from here for a long time
and I have probably lost all my followers by now!
I have been drawing and painting something I don't
get much time to do these days

so sorry if you've missed me, but I had forgotten
how much I LOVE to paint