Monday, 2 May 2016

Re-designing my art space

For a long time now, I've had a art space/area which just wasn't working for me....
and what is the point of have a space if it doesn't help to inspire you to be creative and do the best work you can do?
there have always been a few things I feel make my work area not function as well as it could. -The first being my work area is still in my bedroom and it has always been just a desk in the corner separate and not fitting in with the rest of the room, unfortunately I don't have the option to move into another room and make complete studio space so I have expanded my art area outwards so it blends better with the rest of my bedroom.
-The second problem was my tools and supplies that I use regularly were placed far away and out of reach so having very little floor spaces to work with I decided to move a set old bedside drawers up on to my table giving me a place which I could use for my watercolours/materials/tools I use a lot. freeing up floor space so maybe one day I could add another desk.
I also bought a pair of shelves to go above my desk for more storage, which brings me to point three -

I love looking on you tube looking at how other artists design/ and how their art studios/workspace help them to design more quickly and effectively. however there were quite a lot of beautiful workspaces with amazing storage for all their supplies ready to create but I didn't see art/craft project they were doing/done displayed in there rooms. For me I find inspiration in my own art as well as in others so on my new shelves are some drawings/watercolours I done, Paper clay art doll heads I am still working on and even some paper flowers I have made displayed in vases/pots around the room.
I certainly plan to keep adding/improving my art space, to continue adding my artwork into the my room.
I hope you liked this quick look at my design area and happy creating to you all x

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