Friday, 30 December 2011

Potter land

I love all thing harry potter, and I Confess
I am a little sad the series of books
and films have finally finished.
I recieved the final chapter of the
deathly hallows dvd for christmas.
It has reminded me of some of fantastic plots
and ideas I READ which didnt make it into the films.

so straight after watching the movie...
Which I admit to crying buckets over,
I felt the overwelming need to recreate
the charactors In my own way.

My only problem being so many great images that
come to mind....
Like the flying car
The golden egg and the horntailed dragon
Werewolf the grim and the shrieking shack
And so...SO many more!

but I chose hermione trying to free all the
house elves by giving them socks,
hats and scarfs and her forming
the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare
Or S.P.E.W For short!

I love dobby as a charactor had to add him to
my picture with him collecting up all the clothes
for himself x

as much as I enjoyed designing this x

Saturday, 24 December 2011

As the clock ticks closer to midinight...

As the clock ticks ever closer to midinight
and the started of a crisp new day ...

Christmas day begins!
while children sleep cosy in their beds dreaming of
brightly coloured presents,of elves,reindeer and santa's
flying sleigh.
Just waiting for the first rays of morning light to creep
downstair and look with wide eyed wonder.
but most of all to see the happy smiling face of loving
family and friends x

May all your wishes and dreams come true
have a fantastic day.
love Julie X

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The slipper & the frog prince

I have aways loved fairytales & happy ever afters!
and so I have been making.....
My sister sent me this fantastic pixie shoe
a while ago!...
and I have been wanting to have a go at making
my own version,so I decided to make a
princess slipper and the little frog prince too!

Here is my sister's pretty pixie shoe how sweetx

Here are some photos of my little mini make.
My slipper is made from felt, white linen fabric,
pink lace, buttons,clay flowers,and a ric rac rose.
a ribbon tie for hanging up if you wish.
however It looks cute with my little frog sitting
inside the slipper.
My frog is made from air drying clay with
black bead eyes. but I still need to paint him
and his little crown.

I am really happy with how its turned out.
but I would love to hear your thoughts x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

yum yum ....

I am starting to feel abit like a charactor in
willy wonka's chocolate factory maybe a
umper lumper,
as promised I am posting pictures of chocolates
I handmade using the some of the cake decorating
items I bought the other week.
For my families christmas dinner table....

Hazelnut truffle cup
Made using good quality chocolate melted and
pour into a mould filled with a
chocolate/vanilla truffle sauce and whole
decorated with pearlised edible dust and stars.

Chocolate truffle cup
filled with a chocolate truffle sauce and
decorated with a dusting of icing sugar a
icing sugar flowers

Peanut butter cup
filled with a peanut butter sauce and decorated
coated in a coconut flavoured coco powder.

I really enjoyed making these and they
are very easy to make.
The problem is trying to save them all for
christmas day.
and after tasting these its very hard to do! x

Friday, 9 December 2011

The christmas countdown begins

Like many people out there, I have been busy
getting ready for christmas....
Decorating the tree
Making handmade christmas cards
and dew to a complete lack of funds!
Handmaking all my gifts this year!x

And this year trying my hand at cake decorating
I am hoping to teach myself icing tehniques.
I love to bake, making cakes/biscuits/muffins
And I also hope to bake some of my prezzies too!
so I bought myself a theme present to have a go...

Icing piping bag and nozzles,
silicone chocolates mould,
edible silver stars,
edible pearl luster dust,
two bags of pre-made icing sugar flowers
And this sweet set of mini ceramic bowls and spoons
I found in a local charity shop

so will post my attempts as I get better
And hopefully I will have some nicely decorated
gifts this year which I haven't eaten all to myself x

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fairy template freebies

Make your own Christmas Fairies
FREE template PDF sheets download
Please follow the HTML links in the side column.

These designs are to be made for personal use only.
Do not copy design content without my permission.
COPYRIGHT Julie Taylor pippinsnest.

If you are new to this blog all I ask is for
you to please follow me/like on my facebook page
link too in the side column.
Thank you & enjoy x

Special prezzies

My sister's birthday was a couple of weeks ago
and I feared my present was lost in the post....
Thankfully It finally arrived! x
So here as promised are photos of the things
I made for her.

This sweet picture which reminded me so much
of my sister & me !
Decorated with buttons,clay flowers,diamante border and paper wings.

Your so sweet handmade plaque.

An assortment of embellishments.

And my handmade birthday card made using this
pretty vintage image,brown photo corners,
decorative tape,ribbon,diamante buckle,
decorative bow and enamel flower charm.

And a decorated box filled with chocolate.

I Hope you too like these gifts! x
I would love to hear your comments

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My memory lane

Just another Digitally created artwork
but for me a little bit more.....

The older I get the more I wish to know about where I
came from.
Who were these people who in some small part
shaped the person I am!
did they too love to paint or create things.
I asked my mum if I could scan in my computor some
old family photos partly to see if I could restore
some of these pictures which have faded and cracked
over time.
And partly to see these family members to see if I
have my great granmother's eyes
or my granfather smile?

Here is a design created in digital scrapbook.
artwork using some of these photos

And close ups of the photos
My mum & dad... when they were children

My mum as a baby ...cute!

My dad... I Have he's smile!

Photo's of my granparents as children
The little girl with the big white bow
is my granmother and the young boy in the photo
at the bottom of the page is my grandad.
Plus my great granparents on both sided of the

and I am left to Wonder how my life
will be recorded for future generations x

Monday, 21 November 2011

In the wee small hours of the morning

I always seem to be wide awake in the wee small hours
of the morning, not that I am complaining as I do
some of my best design work between the hours of
12 midnight and 5am.

In fact yesterday morning I created a range of 10 new
christmas card designs which I am hoping to sell
on esty, as I have been busy setting up my shop there,
which I will be opening soon x
Stay in touch for further news.

And as for tonight I have just finished This picture
of a young lady in a old haunted house with rays of sun light
and spider webs decorating the hall in which she stands.
Drawn,traced and created in adobe illustrator.
Please I would love to hear your thoughts and comments x

So How do I manage to stay awake!
Firstly ...I am not now nor ever go to be a coffee drinker!
so I can't relie on caffeine to see me though.
INSTEAD I insist on a good cup of tea, chocolate
and most importantly box set serie 1-9 of the X-FILES
There is nothing quite like aliens attacking, vampires and
Various monsters to keep me going ! x

So I am going to finish here & Have one last cup of tea
then I am of to bed !

Sweet dreams & goodnight!x

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kelly rae Roberts

There are some truly beautiful blogs & websites
out there...But every once in a while you find one
that really speaks to you!
That delights you with its designs,colours & spirit!
Will gives you inspiration and Hope that one day you
too! could be as successful!!

Meet Kelly rae Roberts
And some of her beautiful designs.

I hope my little blog post does her work justice!x
However if you wish to see more.
please visit her blog page

And her shop

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Happy birthday wendy

It is my big sister's birthday today!
and although she is so far away from me in America
& me in little old England
I am sending you this!x
with a wish for all you hope this day!..


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Three Sisters

My two sisters both have birthdays in november

who's birthday started 3hrs ago!x

yes one year older!... so while angela still slumbers
in her bed she has know idea ....
and I have just stop putting the finishing touches
on our other sister's gift and as much as I would
love to show you what I HAVE MADE!
I can not until wendy's big day x

so instead I leave you with a couple of pictures
of us all together.
From left to right myself(not moving ever!)
Wendy(trying hard not to laugh I think)

sisterly affection not!x.....
I just move into angela's seat I she was not happy....
In my defence being the youngest I usually end up
sitting on the floor which is hell on the backside x
Yeh cushion!

From left to right Angela,wendy & baby owen
now a teenage off to college! and me x

Saturday, 5 November 2011

doodle Art ? scribble idly,without thought
or subject matter - drawing or marks made thus

I love to draw this for me starts with a Doodle
If I like it,They go on to be made into a more detailed
drawing, painting or design

After redrawing the poses,the mouse in the teapot
above is now sitting under the toadstool.
I tried colouring it up with watercolour paints & pencil crayons.

I am a little out of practice with watercolour painting.
I used to paint everyday!, now its more like a couple of
times a month.
And while its not the best I have ever done its
certainly not the worst.....worth another go!

I would love to hear you comments!...
Till then I'll keep Doodling!x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Merry & Me

I have two Birthday in November,Both my big sister's
Angela & wendy.
So out comes my art supplies so I can design some cards
Whenever I am looking for inspirations
I find help by searching through
my very large stack of craft magazines first...

For awhile I have be thinking of doing some
charactors baised on a girl & her playful dog
A dachshund called Merry ....

So I happened to find these two girl charactors
in 'papercraft inspirations' march & september issues
which were just what I was looking for...

I hope you like my card Ive decorated it with paper
& flock flowers enamel pink flower charm,
crystals, a glitter paper dress & birthday tab

Keep posted for the on going adventures of Merry
the happy dachshund & her very best friends....

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A very big Thank you

Just to say A very big thank you to
both sue & and wendy x

Friday, 28 October 2011

Help!! my computor's trying to kill me!

Seems I spoke to soon! my computer has it in for me!
and my hooty owl givaway!!
and my email has up and die too!
I can recieve EMAILS but not send them!

Normally this would not be a problem except
have been trying to contact
sue at wickedfaerie queen to let her know she
has won the hooty owl giveaway
and to get her address so I can send
hooty out to her!x

alas no! I even went on her blogpage to try leaving
a message in her comment box hoping sue may see it?
NO! google account wouldn't let me leave it!?

5 Hours later I AM ready to throw my laptop
at the wall!so please
PLEASE HELP ME!..sue if you are out there
could you please send me an email
with your address x

if anyone knows whats happen to my email ....
I like to hear your comments

And the winner is......

First a big Thank you! to everyone for entering into
my Hooty owl giveaway!x

Today is the day....
Drawing a name from the hat.....!

I pulled out my trusted purple hat! which has aways
given me goodluck and good times x
It seems fitting to past some of that goodluck on to
one of my fantastic blogging friends!


A very big Congratulations to sue from Wickedfaerie queen

Hooty owl will be flying your way soon!, I hope you enjoy sue x

And you will find My trusty purple hat,cupboard choc full
of handmade crafty delights waiting eagerly for my next
giveaway! till then x
luv Julie x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Some say 'messiness is a sign of creativity' I have
forgotten who told me that little gem!
and nomally I'd agree.
What they didnt say is that you can get to a point
where your mind gets a bit messy too!
with all manner of details,thoughts,ideas,
bills to paid,places to go,problems to solve,
all demanding your time!

I know alot of people who like things messy
sometimes you can come up with good ideas
and be inspired like that!

I am not one of those people
I quite literary like all my ducks in a row!
and I think a few maybe hiding under the sofa
and behind the cupboards!x

So I am taking some time out to chase them about!
and make some space in my over clogged brain
and my overclogged flat!
Starting here

Let the spring clean (I mean spring clear) start now!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

What a hoot owl giveaway


JUST TO SAY....Thank you to all the new visiters
& the followers that have come to take a look at
my little blog!....
After taking part in my sisters halloween tin swap,
I gave my big sister an extra
halloween tin!x
which wendy is giving away over on her blogpage
if you would like to try to win it please visit her blog
and enter yourself before (21st) fridays draw.

And as an extra incentive I have raided my little
crafting cupboard and found a few of my felty friends
hiding inside!x

My little Hooty owl is looking for a new home! and
would love to meet one of my craft/arty friends.

If you would like to be entered into the draw Please leave a comment!
so you will have a chance to win 'Hooty' in my giveaway!x
I will be drawing a name on Friday 28th october and I will post it out to winner A.S.A.P From that date!

Goodluck to all! x