Saturday, 5 November 2011

doodle Art ? scribble idly,without thought
or subject matter - drawing or marks made thus

I love to draw this for me starts with a Doodle
If I like it,They go on to be made into a more detailed
drawing, painting or design

After redrawing the poses,the mouse in the teapot
above is now sitting under the toadstool.
I tried colouring it up with watercolour paints & pencil crayons.

I am a little out of practice with watercolour painting.
I used to paint everyday!, now its more like a couple of
times a month.
And while its not the best I have ever done its
certainly not the worst.....worth another go!

I would love to hear you comments!...
Till then I'll keep Doodling!x


artbywendy said...

WoW! if thats a doodle then I'm doing it wrong!! I would say thats way better than a doodle!Great work!It looks good enough to be in a childrens book.

Magical Day Dream said...

That looks great! Love the softness of the drawing :)



Red Rose Alley said...

That is so pretty. How talented you are. I think it is whimsical and fun art. Keep up with your wonderful drawing.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley