Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jubilee joy

In the air is the faint ruffle of bunting being put up infact while walking through the city centre its hard not to spot the similar red,white and blue that marks the british flag. British pride displayed in every store window! I even spotted a pair of union jack underpants hanging with pegs on a washing line in one shop!being patriotic? or maybe no more space in the drier. Jubilee weekend is fast aproaching, and so while others make there way to street parties,fairs is weekend I hoping to catch some sun laying on victoria park! And seeing what comes my way!x so happy jubilee celebrations to you! and to the queen congratulations on 60 years of British reign x I raise my teacup to you!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What have you been up too! .......

Lately I admit I've been away from here my little blogging space pippinsnest.. how I have missed you!x and I also would like to admit to missing coming here to share what I've been making & creating Sadly I lost my job which I loved as I got to design/illustrate and well ... play! x so when I've been on the internet I am usually checking for design baised jobsearch pages. and so like a light bulb flashing above my head it has just accured to me why did I stop blogging, stop crafting too!, when its the thing I LOVE above all other things x although my family,my mum,my big sister,chocolate,long walks,beautiful summer days and ladybirds will always hold a special place in my heart!x Have a look at a few things I've been making. hope you like !x
handmade Necklace remade from old broken bits and pieces,and metal Jim Holtz idea-ology leaf embellishments
Photo montage tray made using a mini tray painted white & glittered sections filled with photo montage pics, embellishments and even a teenie mini book.
The start of a bag which still needs sewing together and the embellishments added.

Out with the old ...In with the New

Spring has come and gone again here in england the very brief spring time sunlight, has been replaced by lots & lots ...& LOTS of RAIN however Spring cleaning has begun again, my time to de-clutter my work space and make way for new art/designs and ideas! x Starting with a quick re-arange of my crafting room which also happens to be my living room too! the joys of living in a small flat, I revamped the colour scheme, making new cushion covers and re-decorated a little side table.
I would love a larger crafting area to make up my designs & idea. however it stays tidy because my space is so small.
I am loving my revamped side table which I covered in old children story and craft book pages then found these postcard print outs to finish it off, a springle of glitter dust,a couple coats of varnish and good as new.