Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Out with the old ...In with the New

Spring has come and gone again here in england the very brief spring time sunlight, has been replaced by lots & lots ...& LOTS of RAIN however Spring cleaning has begun again, my time to de-clutter my work space and make way for new art/designs and ideas! x Starting with a quick re-arange of my crafting room which also happens to be my living room too! the joys of living in a small flat, I revamped the colour scheme, making new cushion covers and re-decorated a little side table.
I would love a larger crafting area to make up my designs & idea. however it stays tidy because my space is so small.
I am loving my revamped side table which I covered in old children story and craft book pages then found these postcard print outs to finish it off, a springle of glitter dust,a couple coats of varnish and good as new.

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