Saturday, 11 December 2010

"Twas the night before christmas?"

Its twelve days to Christmas!and I am cleaning the house,
Not a creature is stirring not even a mouse!
Ive been Wrapping my presents,tying some bows.
When I'll be finished nobody knows!
I have writen my cards, and sent them about!
So now is the time to have my Tree all decked-out!
Shiny baubles and twinkling lights.
With prezzies nestled beneath containing festive delights! x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Countdown to christmas

Yes christmas is getting ever closer....
20 days to go!not THAT I AM COUNTING!
And the christmas shopping,Tree decorating,
Present wrapping begins.

And if you are like so many arty people out there!
You also design and make your own christmas cards
to send out.
So here is a sneak preview of when I been up to!

So have your self a very creative christmas time! x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Illustrations out there?

I am hoping to send these painting to an company called phoenix art trading
that make up card and stationery using designs from artist!x

The birthday parade

Juggling Mouse

Storm in a teacup

With love

Spring in your step

Make a wish

Up up and Away

I come in peace

Hello pretty

My art studio Is a work in progress!

I am sorry if you've missed me the last few weeks!
I've being drawing like mad as I Finally have an area set up
to do all my crafty things,Its not a craft/art studio yet!!
But so much better than balancing everything on my lap
while sitting cross legged on an old sofa!
First of all I no longer get pins & needles in my legs
for sitting so long in one spot
OR the water jug and paints flying off my lap if I shift abit!

Nice & tidy at the moment! Will it last? Someone once told me
Messiness is a sign of Creativity....WE WILL SEE!! X

Few things I made to sit on my desktop

As my blogs name is PIPPINSNEST I made this little bird
decoration using A sweet little ceramic bird,
some paper flowers,pretty ribbon and using some
pot pourri for the nest!
I printed little banner flags and added them to decoration!

I also made these flower up using some pretty knitted flowers
decorated with crystals and wire and pearl leaves
I simply stuck the flowers back to back
adding the leaves and a white wooden rod for them to stand!

AND finally no art studio is complete without A piece of your art to help
inspire you! My princess drawing that I mentioned
in another post HAS AT LAST BEEN coloured up and finished
and decorated with little paper flowers,lace in this wooden frame x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Pretty Vintage

I love old things, to think about where they
came from,and the person that care about it so much that
it have lasted to this day...

Here are three pretty backgrounds I made up using digikits
to shows my love of all things vintage!x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Shabby chic wonderland

The past few weeks I have been late for everything!
And so the merry go round starts again!
but surprise! today I am not only up early
but able to blog you this morning!

The beginning of a brand new resolve!?
With this! and hopefully back again soon!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Daisytrail challenge WINNER

I won,I never win anything but today! I turn
my computer and I am surprised by alots of
congratulation emails!
I am so HAPPY! and so I have my page posted on the
daisytrail home page today and have won a new digit scrapbook kit

HERE is my winning page
try clicking on it...
Hopefully its a link to my daisytrail page! x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

A time to re-design?!

I have re-designing my blog page!
so if you are new WELCOME!x
To the new and hopefully improved page!
If you've been here awhile you may notice
the new blog header & and side panel pictures!

Of course like everything its always a
work in progress!and liable to change again
when the mood takes me......

but until then I hope you like x
P.s And have a great weekend!

Friday, 3 September 2010

'*Computors killed the video star *!'

Do you know that 80s song *video killed the radio star!*
It seems that today that song would go more like
'Computors killed the video star'
Do not get me wrong they are important tools
& especially in todays society
as they are used for a great many important roles!
The Government,schools,hospitals,banks to name but a few!

I Seem to be spending an lot of my time on the
computer these days!
some may say to much especially at the end of
the month when the internet bill arrives!

YES most of the time I am designing using
Digital Scrapbook Artist(my flavourite new toy!)
the rest of my time is spent clicking from facebook,
to blogger,to daisytrail and back again!...
daisytrail is a website where people who use
DSA can upload there designs,chat to other members
and share tips on using the program & As much as I enjoy
creating,designing & chatting on these websites and blogpages
its important to remember we have people around us!
that would like face to face conversation!
so While I am planning to switch off my internet connection!,
turn off my laptop and go meet with friends!

I'll leave you with a two of my newest designs.
I just happened to be watching a old Gene Kelly movie
the other day and was inspired to do this!x

I had the idea to have a street scene where everyone
was dressed in different period clothes!x

Saturday, 28 August 2010

A.T.C Halloween

My lovely sister sent me these scary Halloween ATC's!!x
O.K Not so scary! but very pretty! thankyou x

but HALLOWEEN this early!!.....I hear you ask!
Surely not a attempt by my sister to give me enough time
to make and send some back!!

Handmade Jewellery

Hello.... once again I am blogging late into the night!

First I'd to say a Big WELCOME to all my new visiters!
after all a blog is not a blog if you are not sharing!
ideas and inspiration with anybody!
I hope you like what you see and come back for more!x.....

Secondly I wanted to share with you what I have just finished making!
YES I made..,I photographed and blogged all in the space of five hours!!!

I made these using decorative papers(Tilda),
Rectangle Acrylic pendant blank,
which you apply with double-sided adhesive.
These pendant tiles also come in round and both are available
in a smaller size.
plus on the first necklace I have used an adhesive lace effect
border trim available in a (pack of 4)all from

I finished off using elements from old broken jewellery!..
which are beautiful
And make my necklace pendants one of a kind as I only have one or two of any embellishment charm.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Fairy Land

This enchanting fairy is one of many seen and catured by my sister at her
blog page...

And he's name just happens to be pippin!x
wendy should propably set him free soon! as he's starting to look a little cranky!

so in an Indevour to see a few fairies of my own!!...I created this magic picture filled with butterflies,mushroom house,and fairy friends to make them think of home!!......x


I drew this picture in pen so I could take it into illustrator and colour it up alas it has been sitting on my desktop for months!x.... maybe tomorrow?

Pincess for the day

Yes once more Ive been using DSA (Digital Scrapbook Artist)and designing photo montage pages.....

Saturday, 14 August 2010

ATC's set of 4 Day in the Park

A week ago I spent some time just relaxing in a park... The weather was amazing, beautiful and sunny and I was surprised just how many people were there like me to enjoy it....And when I left how peaceful and happy I felt x
It also gave me the idea for this set of 4 ATC cards!

To days in a park
birds in the sky
To relax in the sun
as butterflies flutter by....

Sorry for the verse it just came out of me! x

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Enchanted Princess little story book

Yesterday I was in supper crafting frenzy!!...And finally finished my mini story book!as I had finish the pages a couple of weeks ago! and had done nothing with them since.I even took photos straight away so you all can see what I have been up to.So here are Pictures of finshed book and below close up pics of pages inside.x

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Finished ATC Keepsake box

A big HELLO to you today!
I am feeling exceptionally creative this morning! and so here's what I have been up to so far!.....
I hope it helps to inspire you too! Thankyou wendy for giving me the idea for a box to keep your Atcs in...
love you big sis x

P.S check out my MAKING OF ...ATC Keepsake box (photo above)post!