Friday, 3 September 2010

'*Computors killed the video star *!'

Do you know that 80s song *video killed the radio star!*
It seems that today that song would go more like
'Computors killed the video star'
Do not get me wrong they are important tools
& especially in todays society
as they are used for a great many important roles!
The Government,schools,hospitals,banks to name but a few!

I Seem to be spending an lot of my time on the
computer these days!
some may say to much especially at the end of
the month when the internet bill arrives!

YES most of the time I am designing using
Digital Scrapbook Artist(my flavourite new toy!)
the rest of my time is spent clicking from facebook,
to blogger,to daisytrail and back again!...
daisytrail is a website where people who use
DSA can upload there designs,chat to other members
and share tips on using the program & As much as I enjoy
creating,designing & chatting on these websites and blogpages
its important to remember we have people around us!
that would like face to face conversation!
so While I am planning to switch off my internet connection!,
turn off my laptop and go meet with friends!

I'll leave you with a two of my newest designs.
I just happened to be watching a old Gene Kelly movie
the other day and was inspired to do this!x

I had the idea to have a street scene where everyone
was dressed in different period clothes!x


Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Your creations are fantastic...very cool!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pieces,I love your singing in the rain piece. How fantastic it is. I am loving all of your art work. you are so creative
hugs June xxx