Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A sketch a day ... fingers crossed !

I just recently started to use a sketchbook Which sounds silly considering I have been drawing all my life.
I doodled on scraps of paper,and most drawings didn't make the grade! straight into the bin
This is the main reason I found it so hard to keep A SKETCHBOOK, the fear of making a mess in a pretty new book was a real problem for me!
then suddenly I had a EUREKA moment,so I went online to find inspiration, helpful tips, and tricks to start sketchbooking.
Most online websites I found discouraging showing pages and pages of beautiful Artwork! and I needed to find some help with living with the crappy draws I do without tearing pages out of my book!
then I found Nela Dunato blog page which has been to most helpful post I have read and I look at alot of webpages!
So if like me you are thinking of starting a sketchbook or have the same mental block I had I encourage you to read her post.
As for me I try to draw every day,Even if this is a every quick doodle.
I am on my second sketchbook now,and starting to use different materials and media
Here are a few of my sketches and BARE IN MIND,I AM ONLY SHOWS YOU THE DRAWS I THINK ARE GOOD! I am keep those messy,crappy ones for my eyes only!