Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Twas the night before halloween

Twas the night before All hallows
and all through the house not a creature was stiring
Not even a mouse, the spider was sleeping,
All through the sight of monsters that were
creeping as dead as the night!
I awoke all afresh in the bright morning light
& there on my craft desk I got such a fright!
As lined up before me the goulish group stood
But they look kind of sweet.......
Happy Halloween!
have a creepy crawlie, spooky Good day!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween treats! x

I Love getting surprises And its great to get such beautiful
handmade gifts delivered especially for me!
So a big Heart felt Thank you to Lynn over at
trash to treasure art
hope you enjoyed these too!
let the halloween count down begin x

Friday, 26 October 2012

My handmade christmas Wreath

As promised here is a few pics
First of my handmade wreath decorated with
linen rag flowers,metal and diamante buttons,
finished with wooden snowflakes & butterflies.
And also photos showing how to make my flowers
which could be made to decorate presents or maybe
made into a brooch as a gift
to make my rag linen flowers I tore stripes
approx 40cm long by 6cm wide which I folded in half to 3cm
and sewned along the edge with a large running stitch
pull thread to gather up roll to form flower shape.
And sew base to secure flower together.
You can leave plain or sewn center with diamante buttons
as shown on my wreath or with beads
sewn on central bead and secure add smaller beads around this.
if you wish you can fold and hot glue ribbon to form
a leaf like effect.
add brooch clasp or use as present/craft decorations.
I also made velvet ribbon roses which I did take photos
of,to show how to make them however my photos did not give
enough detail for you to see how they are made up.
if you would like to see how, let me know and I Will
re-take new pictures! x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Twelve crafts of Christmas

Autumn is here and every day more leave
are falling from the trees,the weather
has turned cold & damp. so Its great to be inside
cosy & warm with my large cup of tea and chocolate,
Sitting cross legged on the sofa putting finishing
touches to the wreath I am making for christmas
As I Posted before I am making some christmas themed
decorations and gifts ready for the coming season
Here are A few pics of the start of making my wreath,
Which I decorated with handmade fabric flowers
embellished with diamante buttons or glass beads.
I Will post a photo of the finished wreath on saturday
with a quick demo of making my fabric flowers too!
I have also been making a few greeting cards
the first two I made were created using my drawings and
designed in adobe illustrator and finished with tabs
and bows.
I will be making some more handmade cards which I
will too show how I made them
stay tuned for more christmas crafts coming soon! x

To Angela I am so happy you liked your giveaway doll
Thankyou for your lovely comments
And to everyone who has giveway prizes coming your way
lots of love x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Crafty christmas makes

Although Halloween is still to come!
my thoughts now turn to christmas!
and making some handmade gifts & decorations
with which I would like to share with you
as I MAKE them.
Last christmas I was sadly lacking the seasonal spirit!
To the point all I did to decorate was to pull
a pre-decorated, pre-fairy lighted tree out of my suitcase
and plug it into the wall socket!
this tree is only 24 inches tall so I BELIEVE I can do
so much better this year!x
And I am going to be making
A Festive garland
A paper flower wreath
Tree Decorations in clay and in fabric
A Stocking
A Soft toy Teddy or two!
and Some Handmade Christmas cards
And if I have time A festive fairy clay doll like those
you have seen in my previous posts x
and take a look at my crafty christmas makes
I will create a new page were you will be able
to find all my festive post in one place!
Hope to see you soon!
Julie x

Congratulations ....x

Thank everyone for leaving such
WONDERFUL Comments on my Le Mysterieux Carnival
and for taking the time to stop by and visit me
here, I love to have you share my love of
all things crafty.
As you know I have Three Giveaway prizes to give
to you today......
Drum Roll please.......!
And the Winner of My clay doll Little Minx and
my silver carnival ticket is
Angela from Whimsy ways
Congratulations This is coming your way!

I also have TWO sets of the Mini halloween storybook
and a handmade halloween card.
To Laura from Artfully musing
& Anna from Frosted petunias
these are for you! x
Angela,laura & Anna please enjoy!
Julie x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Into the Dark woods...

The Darkness calls,and as Halloween draws near
creepy creatures are rising from their graves
for this one Magical night.
Here comes my Vintage Gothic Freakshow
Introducing Elle & Friends, handmade
clay dolls made using paper clay and
decorated using recycled Jewelery/buckles.
They are getting ready to put on a show
So please remember your Silver Ticket!
This is Little Minx with her Top Hat
& pink umbrella x
And here is benji the Dancing Bear.
Le mysterieux Carnival freakshow poster and
Silver Ticket.

Come see my carnival paper doll parade
all my charactors made from printed layered
card and decorated with embellishments.
Milli has taken a wrong turn in the house of mirrors
and can not find her way out.
can you help her?
Meet Crystal & Melody.
and Drake who has awoke from a very long sleep,
and now is looking for a bite to eat!
Bella the bat-winged girl & good witch Dorothy.
Fran the figi mermaid.
Boo,Franky and Jojo the dog faced boy.

I was doing some halloween drawings
and I thought they would make up a nice
little story.
which I made into a mini paper story book

Over the hill & Faraway
Le Mysterieux Carnival is coming to play...

Through the dark woods come & see...
The carousel music calling to me!

Into the woods, the shadows do grow hiding
all manner of creatures.I wish not to know!
Halloween is here & ghosts are about
Hideous Nightmares you better watch out!
Vampires & demons are drawn to the call
The dark gothic melody draws one & all!

Magical Enchantment awaits through these curtains
But go back home,If your not Truly Certain!

As behind all the twinkle lights,the shows
and the games conceals a dark Evil
I do not wish to name!...
So Enjoy yourself,have your fortune told,
Ride on the Ferris wheel both young & old.

But make no Deals,dark wishes or contracts to sign...
Please go as you came,Do not leave your
SOUL behind!

I Have two Giveaways for you today
First you can win my little Minx clay doll and my
Silver carnival Ticket.
For the Second giveaway I have two sets
of my mini storybook and a Handmade Halloween Card
to give to you!
For your chance to win one of these
Just leave a comment on this post before
friday 12th october to be entered into both giveaways!
A big Thank to Anna & Marfi for hosting
this blog party!
I hope you've enjoyed my post and thank you for
stopping by Julie x

p.s if you would like to see any of these picture
larger chick on the picture.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Going Gothic . . . .

If you've been visiting over the last few days
You may started to notice the black polka dot
side panels and a general dark halloween vipe
slowly creeping in! x
A vast change from the happy,bright colour scheme
and cute charactors I usually have going on!...

This of course is in preparation for the
Le Mysterieux Carnival post which is coming soon
which is in a very different style than normal.
Enjoy the coming attraction !x
Julie x

Monday, 1 October 2012

And the winner is.......

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who to took part
in the Moonlight party under the Big Top blog hop!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts & designs with me
Thanks too for All the nice comments I have received
I am glad you enjoyed my post! x
AND lastly Thank you to wendy and kim for Taking
the time to host this blog hop x

For those who left a comment they were
entered into my giveaway!
to win this Circus themed altered Tin
And the winner is Tami von Zalez at

Please feel free to visit me again from the 6th october
for Le Mysterieux Carnival blog party!
come to the dark woods,Halloween is approaching
the Carnival is coming to town!

When I have abit of time I Will set up a page
especially for my posted blog hops x
See you soon! Julie x