Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Twelve crafts of Christmas

Autumn is here and every day more leave
are falling from the trees,the weather
has turned cold & damp. so Its great to be inside
cosy & warm with my large cup of tea and chocolate,
Sitting cross legged on the sofa putting finishing
touches to the wreath I am making for christmas
As I Posted before I am making some christmas themed
decorations and gifts ready for the coming season
Here are A few pics of the start of making my wreath,
Which I decorated with handmade fabric flowers
embellished with diamante buttons or glass beads.
I Will post a photo of the finished wreath on saturday
with a quick demo of making my fabric flowers too!
I have also been making a few greeting cards
the first two I made were created using my drawings and
designed in adobe illustrator and finished with tabs
and bows.
I will be making some more handmade cards which I
will too show how I made them
stay tuned for more christmas crafts coming soon! x

To Angela I am so happy you liked your giveaway doll
Thankyou for your lovely comments
And to everyone who has giveway prizes coming your way
lots of love x


Tami Von Zalez said...

I just received your altered tin and already have it hanging up on my wall.

I've linked back to your blog on my 10/25 post. Many thanks!

Denise said...

I've been browsing all your hand made crafts.I love all of them.What talent you have.Denise