Friday, 26 October 2012

My handmade christmas Wreath

As promised here is a few pics
First of my handmade wreath decorated with
linen rag flowers,metal and diamante buttons,
finished with wooden snowflakes & butterflies.
And also photos showing how to make my flowers
which could be made to decorate presents or maybe
made into a brooch as a gift
to make my rag linen flowers I tore stripes
approx 40cm long by 6cm wide which I folded in half to 3cm
and sewned along the edge with a large running stitch
pull thread to gather up roll to form flower shape.
And sew base to secure flower together.
You can leave plain or sewn center with diamante buttons
as shown on my wreath or with beads
sewn on central bead and secure add smaller beads around this.
if you wish you can fold and hot glue ribbon to form
a leaf like effect.
add brooch clasp or use as present/craft decorations.
I also made velvet ribbon roses which I did take photos
of,to show how to make them however my photos did not give
enough detail for you to see how they are made up.
if you would like to see how, let me know and I Will
re-take new pictures! x

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Createology said...

Lovely sweet floral wreath. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Blissful Creating...