Saturday, 28 August 2010

Handmade Jewellery

Hello.... once again I am blogging late into the night!

First I'd to say a Big WELCOME to all my new visiters!
after all a blog is not a blog if you are not sharing!
ideas and inspiration with anybody!
I hope you like what you see and come back for more!x.....

Secondly I wanted to share with you what I have just finished making!
YES I made..,I photographed and blogged all in the space of five hours!!!

I made these using decorative papers(Tilda),
Rectangle Acrylic pendant blank,
which you apply with double-sided adhesive.
These pendant tiles also come in round and both are available
in a smaller size.
plus on the first necklace I have used an adhesive lace effect
border trim available in a (pack of 4)all from

I finished off using elements from old broken jewellery!..
which are beautiful
And make my necklace pendants one of a kind as I only have one or two of any embellishment charm.


Jacqui said...

Love the jewellery, love it!

Chris said...

beautiful pendants!
Hugs, Chris