Sunday, 31 October 2010

My art studio Is a work in progress!

I am sorry if you've missed me the last few weeks!
I've being drawing like mad as I Finally have an area set up
to do all my crafty things,Its not a craft/art studio yet!!
But so much better than balancing everything on my lap
while sitting cross legged on an old sofa!
First of all I no longer get pins & needles in my legs
for sitting so long in one spot
OR the water jug and paints flying off my lap if I shift abit!

Nice & tidy at the moment! Will it last? Someone once told me
Messiness is a sign of Creativity....WE WILL SEE!! X

Few things I made to sit on my desktop

As my blogs name is PIPPINSNEST I made this little bird
decoration using A sweet little ceramic bird,
some paper flowers,pretty ribbon and using some
pot pourri for the nest!
I printed little banner flags and added them to decoration!

I also made these flower up using some pretty knitted flowers
decorated with crystals and wire and pearl leaves
I simply stuck the flowers back to back
adding the leaves and a white wooden rod for them to stand!

AND finally no art studio is complete without A piece of your art to help
inspire you! My princess drawing that I mentioned
in another post HAS AT LAST BEEN coloured up and finished
and decorated with little paper flowers,lace in this wooden frame x


BLISS angels said...

Hi babe beautiful studio and I can't wait to see want you make to go in there and now you'll can take part in the blog party "where artist create" is you phone working? hud your big sister

Anonymous said...

Love your princess drawing and all your work is exquisite.
Also popped over to let you know I have a card making/papercrafts challenge just begun on my blog. There is a prize for every single entry so thought you might like to join in,i hope you will
have a lovely week
Hugs June x