Thursday, 24 November 2011

My memory lane

Just another Digitally created artwork
but for me a little bit more.....

The older I get the more I wish to know about where I
came from.
Who were these people who in some small part
shaped the person I am!
did they too love to paint or create things.
I asked my mum if I could scan in my computor some
old family photos partly to see if I could restore
some of these pictures which have faded and cracked
over time.
And partly to see these family members to see if I
have my great granmother's eyes
or my granfather smile?

Here is a design created in digital scrapbook.
artwork using some of these photos

And close ups of the photos
My mum & dad... when they were children

My mum as a baby ...cute!

My dad... I Have he's smile!

Photo's of my granparents as children
The little girl with the big white bow
is my granmother and the young boy in the photo
at the bottom of the page is my grandad.
Plus my great granparents on both sided of the

and I am left to Wonder how my life
will be recorded for future generations x

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BLISS angels said...

Wow Julie I love this .... it would made a great card..... I havn't got that one of mum as a baby...she was so cute ... can you sent it to me by email....hugs wendy