Sunday, 6 November 2011

Three Sisters

My two sisters both have birthdays in november

who's birthday started 3hrs ago!x

yes one year older!... so while angela still slumbers
in her bed she has know idea ....
and I have just stop putting the finishing touches
on our other sister's gift and as much as I would
love to show you what I HAVE MADE!
I can not until wendy's big day x

so instead I leave you with a couple of pictures
of us all together.
From left to right myself(not moving ever!)
Wendy(trying hard not to laugh I think)

sisterly affection not!x.....
I just move into angela's seat I she was not happy....
In my defence being the youngest I usually end up
sitting on the floor which is hell on the backside x
Yeh cushion!

From left to right Angela,wendy & baby owen
now a teenage off to college! and me x


BLISS angels said...

LOL thanks for the laught this morning... heck i remember that day as if yesersday... yes Angels was having a fit because you were sitting on her chair ... but seconds later the real owners of said chairs Nana and Gramps came back and we all had to get out... I had a dream about them last night .. I changed my washing power and this new one smells like the soap Nana and Gramps used... (small tear) I still miss them..

and if anyone asks I'm 35...okay LOL love you wendy

Anonymous said...

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