Monday, 21 November 2011

In the wee small hours of the morning

I always seem to be wide awake in the wee small hours
of the morning, not that I am complaining as I do
some of my best design work between the hours of
12 midnight and 5am.

In fact yesterday morning I created a range of 10 new
christmas card designs which I am hoping to sell
on esty, as I have been busy setting up my shop there,
which I will be opening soon x
Stay in touch for further news.

And as for tonight I have just finished This picture
of a young lady in a old haunted house with rays of sun light
and spider webs decorating the hall in which she stands.
Drawn,traced and created in adobe illustrator.
Please I would love to hear your thoughts and comments x

So How do I manage to stay awake!
Firstly ...I am not now nor ever go to be a coffee drinker!
so I can't relie on caffeine to see me though.
INSTEAD I insist on a good cup of tea, chocolate
and most importantly box set serie 1-9 of the X-FILES
There is nothing quite like aliens attacking, vampires and
Various monsters to keep me going ! x

So I am going to finish here & Have one last cup of tea
then I am of to bed !

Sweet dreams & goodnight!x


BLISS angels said...

I don't even know how you stay awake that later ... I'm dead at 10:30.. but you are getting some wonderful art made.... looking forwards to see the esty store up and going

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

She is mysterious and wonderful. I'd love to hear what she has to say. I love your design sense.
You are among good company in the working into the wee hours of the morning category. I wouldn't last 20 minutes. I'm dreaming about the things to make the next morning when I am fresh. Though not early morning; mid-morning is my 'time' ~ but there are many ways of doing things hey?