Wednesday, 14 December 2011

yum yum ....

I am starting to feel abit like a charactor in
willy wonka's chocolate factory maybe a
umper lumper,
as promised I am posting pictures of chocolates
I handmade using the some of the cake decorating
items I bought the other week.
For my families christmas dinner table....

Hazelnut truffle cup
Made using good quality chocolate melted and
pour into a mould filled with a
chocolate/vanilla truffle sauce and whole
decorated with pearlised edible dust and stars.

Chocolate truffle cup
filled with a chocolate truffle sauce and
decorated with a dusting of icing sugar a
icing sugar flowers

Peanut butter cup
filled with a peanut butter sauce and decorated
coated in a coconut flavoured coco powder.

I really enjoyed making these and they
are very easy to make.
The problem is trying to save them all for
christmas day.
and after tasting these its very hard to do! x

1 comment:

artbywendy said...

wow! that looks like a lot of work...but worth it! I have never seen the edible dust! that is just beautiful!