Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Some say 'messiness is a sign of creativity' I have
forgotten who told me that little gem!
and nomally I'd agree.
What they didnt say is that you can get to a point
where your mind gets a bit messy too!
with all manner of details,thoughts,ideas,
bills to paid,places to go,problems to solve,
all demanding your time!

I know alot of people who like things messy
sometimes you can come up with good ideas
and be inspired like that!

I am not one of those people
I quite literary like all my ducks in a row!
and I think a few maybe hiding under the sofa
and behind the cupboards!x

So I am taking some time out to chase them about!
and make some space in my over clogged brain
and my overclogged flat!
Starting here

Let the spring clean (I mean spring clear) start now!

1 comment:

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

LOL! Good luck with your cleaning oand sorting!