Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Me, myself & I

I love Rainbows, walking in the rain, Milk chocolate
(not white/dark)
Yes this is starting to sound like a Dating site profile page!

But it has accured to me that apart from loving art,
crafts and drawing many of you out there in blog land
do not know much about me! x

So here is a quick recap of a few of my favourite things.....

Designing something new!x
Childrens book illustrators.
Caramel shortcake.
Thunder & Lightening.
Disney/pixar films
Mollies makes magazine.
(my big sister who is also my best friend)
A nice cup of Tea.
All the Talented crafter out there!x
And Everyone who has taken the time to check out my blog and my designs!


BLISS angels said...

You also forgot to add..
that you have very blue eyes.
that you read romance novels.
your being drawing since you were old enough to hold a pencil. and you are my best friend too and I miss you and wished you lived around the corner... hugs wendy

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

I love your list. What fun to read this. I have never heard of caramel shortcake. It sounds yum! I'm just about to pop over to your giveaway contest. I came here because of Bliss Angels which rocks!! *smiles* Norma

Lynn Stevens said...

Well its great to know more about you! I see Wendy filled us in on a few extras! LOL
hugs Lynn