Monday, 10 January 2011


Mouse Kingdom

Animal party

2011 has begun! and so too the New Years resolutions!
SORT OF.... sadly Ive have eaten all my christmas chocolate!
The Diet is off for another day! better look tomorrow?
My other resolution is to do more watercolour painting and drawing!
And a guess you all will see if more of my hand illustrations/painting
show up on this blog page!

So fingers crossed x


BLISS angels said...

LOL at the comment about the chocolate. I know thatt feeling but some it tell me about a intresting new year resolution eat 360 salads now that's one maybe I can do... fruit salad yeh! we have snow!! so we are snow in yes I say snow in kids and Paul off school and work... posting photos on facebook to show you all.... hugs wendy

Electra said...

Hi,Wendy sent me over-your blog is SO PRETTY! I have more chocolate. Come on over.

JoAnne said...

Hi Julie,
These are wonderful! Wendy is a dear blogging friend and I'm so happy she sent me your way. I'm your newest follower!
(I got a weird error message the first time I commented, if you should get double messages.)

Linda said...

These are truly amazing...I love them all. I found you through Wendy. I live in Michigan and we have snow....I am ready for Spring, I need the sun and flowers.