Friday, 6 July 2012

Artist Trading cards??

Ive been making ATCS(Artists Trading Cards)for awile now some using ditigal art some handpainted in watercolours and acrylics and while I sometimes find it hard to part with these mini works of art.That the point is to swap!I would love to see Your art too!!X So if you would like to swap atcs with me please leave a comment saying so & a link back to your blog page too! here are a few Ive just finished,I look forward to hearing back from you!Julie x


BLiSsAngELs said...

Julie I've opened Blissfull ATS to overseas now so if you want to join us .... drop me a line at

Pa Ul said...

Your post is great to read. I was wondering what are 5 easy steps on how to create an artist trading card?