Thursday, 26 July 2012

A little something New

My sister was right the other day when she
said my revamping my craft room would give me
more inspiration...
And like a cloud has been lifted... my mind is
filled with ideas.
While I was sitting at my desk I was thinking
about my blog and how to attract more followers.
And so COMING SOON I am bring to you a range
of free downloadable make & do crafting templates.

when working as an illustrator & designer I
also made up samples and created templates
for things like card kits,stationery,
paper decorations and fabric items.
So why not use the skills I have learn!x

Monday, 16 July 2012

A craft Room Re-vamp

I was visiting my sisters blog page the other day and
found her photos of her newly painted and rearanged
craft space and I realised I didnt really have a
craft room! just a desk in my living room.
I live in a very small flat and I have always been a
little crazy about keeping tidy and putting away
everything! after Ive finished making!
but its not easy staying inspired that way!x
So over the weekend I had a move round and made
my own craft space with glass pots and bowls filled
with embellishments,my artwork,ATCS,inspiration,
a Computer area and lots of space for more!...

So here is a photo montage for you to see too...
So now I am feeling super inspired!
Here is a photo of what I have been working on!x
I hope you like my crafting space! I DO x

Friday, 13 July 2012

friday the 13th hell

Its been one hell of a day today!!...

My building were I Live has had 5 yes... FIVE
FIRE alarm warnings today!
All false alarms! the first of which happened when I was having my bath this morning!FIVE warnings later and I am totally ignoring them with cotton wool plugging up my ears.
I Went instead to sort out my blog and add some new pages,as you will see a page for my illustrations and one for my ATCs.
this To I thought would be straight forward 4hours later I am finally finished.
SADLY too my computers feeling the effects of friday the 13th and has slowed down to the pace of a snail.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Storybook ATCS

I hope you like these new photos of my mini storybook ATC'S. The first two Art books Ive just finished are The frog prince & Alice in wonderland. some of these books will contain my own illustrations and some made up using digital scrapbook elements.I Would love to hear your comments too! I am hoping to start swapping so if you are interested please leave a comment below. thank you x

Friday, 6 July 2012

Artist Trading cards??

Ive been making ATCS(Artists Trading Cards)for awile now some using ditigal art some handpainted in watercolours and acrylics and while I sometimes find it hard to part with these mini works of art.That the point is to swap!I would love to see Your art too!!X So if you would like to swap atcs with me please leave a comment saying so & a link back to your blog page too! here are a few Ive just finished,I look forward to hearing back from you!Julie x