Wednesday, 27 March 2013

EASTER is just around the corner

Easter is all most here and so to the coming spring
which is my favourite time of year the start of a new season
A new sense of hope and freshness in the air
PLUS I love Easter! or prehaps its all the chocolate!

so I have made a few easter themed items to show you
A good reason to buy some cupcakes and easter eggs
to photograph for my blog.
The only question left is how long all these goodies
will last? I am thinking not long!! yummy x
so here are a couple of easter bunny greeting cards
mini bunny garland and bunny and egg cake decorations.
My bunny design comes from the charactor
I used in my blog header I just re-jigged the colours.

Thanks for looking!
Julie x

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Createology said...

Your little Easter decorations are very sweet. I wouldn't let the yummies sit for too long as they just might get stale. ;o)
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