Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A sketch a day ... fingers crossed !

I just recently started to use a sketchbook Which sounds silly considering I have been drawing all my life.
I doodled on scraps of paper,and most drawings didn't make the grade! straight into the bin
This is the main reason I found it so hard to keep A SKETCHBOOK, the fear of making a mess in a pretty new book was a real problem for me!
then suddenly I had a EUREKA moment,so I went online to find inspiration, helpful tips, and tricks to start sketchbooking.
Most online websites I found discouraging showing pages and pages of beautiful Artwork! and I needed to find some help with living with the crappy draws I do without tearing pages out of my book!
then I found Nela Dunato blog page which has been to most helpful post I have read and I look at alot of webpages!
So if like me you are thinking of starting a sketchbook or have the same mental block I had I encourage you to read her post.
As for me I try to draw every day,Even if this is a every quick doodle.
I am on my second sketchbook now,and starting to use different materials and media
Here are a few of my sketches and BARE IN MIND,I AM ONLY SHOWS YOU THE DRAWS I THINK ARE GOOD! I am keep those messy,crappy ones for my eyes only!


BLiSsAngELs said...

LOL but we want to see the not so good one too ... it makes the people like me who have no talent for drawing feel a little better about our sorry attempts....

Julie Taylor said...

DON'T WORRY!! There will be dodgy ones to!
And I have always believed that there is no such thing as not being able to draw it just takes lots of practice x

Createology said...

Oh Heavens your drawings are delightful and divine. I art of being able to draw is such a gift and you are very fortunate to have it. Creative Drawing Bliss...

Nela said...

Hi Julie, it's wonderful that you're embarking on the a-sketch-a-day project, and I'm so glad you found my post helpful.

Your ink drawings look beautiful and very imaginative, I love them! :)

Something Special said...

I love your work