Monday, 19 September 2011


Like many crafty people out there,It has been a dream
of mine to one day sell my designs ...
to create a brand that people like and respond too!
And like many out there I had no clue how to get
my ideas up and running?
Then I found in my local bookshop the book
(The Handmade Marketplace)By Kari Chapin
from Storey Publishing.

This book has helped me so much with interesting guides
to navigating the craft marketplace,
It has helpful tips from fellow crafters that have
started from scratch and built up successful businesses.
The book subjects cover,
Everything from finding inspiration,
Branding your business,
Bookkeeping & business practices,
selling yourself,
The crafting community,
online blogging & websites,
Advertising & Publicity,
Selling at craft fairs,
Selling online,
Selling to the highstreet.

while I am still taking my first little baby steps
into creating my own style.Designing & making product to sell!
Its my hope to bring to you a unique illustrated
charactor biased brand.Pippinsnest

In this book it mentions something called
A Inspiration wire or spot were you can hang things
that inspire you!
for me I found the fabric bunting hanging in my workspace
the perfect place to start one,I also found it
helpful to pin up my designs and work in progress
to help me find a common style/link that flows
through all my designs and so help to create a brand.

I few of the things that inspire me
and are pinned on my inspiration wire!

Include card designs by Cinnamon aitch ltd.
Picnic card range,
Cori Dantini unique illustrated card range.

The illustrated artwork of Leanne Ellis,who has a
beautiful range of card & stationery items
available from Santoro.

The where's Rabbit? card range by the talented
illustrator Emma Talbot. (under construction)

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BLISS angels said...

Congats you have made a start and I know I may be bias because you are my sister but you have the talent to take this far... waiting to see your line
Hugs wendy PS I've mailed off your hallonween tin you should get it a about a week... fingers crossed... I hope you like it