Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Little birds of Happiness

While looking at my favourite website ESTY.COM
I found beautifully made dolls and creatures made out of
polymer clay.
alas I have a long way to go until I could design to
such a standard.

I did however make a few embossed little birds using
white sculpey modelling clay, black beads
and an assortment of lace and fabric flower pieces.

Using the lace and fabric flowers to emboss into the clay!
I also added a bit of blue paint to the clay so
I could make little bluebirds of happiness!

Once you've finish designing, bake in the oven for
15 minutes at 130 c(275 f).

I found the sculpey clay a little too soft to work with
as you smooth one side the other is covered in finger prints!.
I would be interested if anyone out there
has any tips? X


Jacqui said...

Oh, they are sooooo cute!! I love them

BLISS angels said...

Wow Jules they are cute.. I love the eyes.... they look real...well done... so is something you may sell? hugs wendy

frasltd said...

the birds are adorable. it would be nice to be able to buy them.