Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My first animation

As a child a have love animation
and I believed it to be something only profesionals
could do! something you could not do without proper
equipment and skills.however I found you can make
an reasonable atempt with a bit of practice.
My first but hopifully not my last
I am still working out the bugs!
As you need a camera and tripod for hand animated
images and programs like flash or photoshop for
computer animated image creation,
which I have not got!
I Have adobe illustrator only,and window movie maker
to piece it together.
and I am still learning!
so please over look these things
I am hoping to get better with time x


BLiSsAngELs said...

JULIE THAT WAS BRILLIANT !yes I'm shouting ..... I'm blow away let me see if i can share it on my blog ... the world needs to see this hugs wendy

Createology said...

Hello. I saw your animation video on Bliss Angels and Wendy gave me your link. Your video is enchanting and I adore it. Now I see your illustrations and adore them also. Blissful Creating...