Friday, 3 August 2012

playing with strink plastic

I am giving a away this strink plastic plaque
If you would like to recieve this leave a message at
the end of this post! I Will be pulling out a name
on the 24th August.
Shrink plastic is a sheet of thin plastic which comes
in clear, white & coloured sheets you which
can draw or rubber stamp,or print on and it shrinks
7 times smaller & 7 times thicker.
And can be used to make badges, jewelery,
scrapbook+card embellishments.

I am new to to shrink plastic and this project
was made because of a mistake of using
(non printable)sheets.but even mistakes can work!x
This is the original digiart design I used for my plaque.
I printed the image onto (non printable) white strink plastic at
8 by 8inches & using a heating tool applied to plaque.
the plaque began to fade and reduce in size by 7 times
I coated it in glitter & embossing powder, re-heat with tool.
this gave me an pearlised effect,
I measured plaque & re printed original image to new size.
cutting out elements,I glue on an re-applied
embossing powder to seal printed image.
lastly embellished with sequin flowers & gems,
pearlised button and lace background.
You can buy it in most craft shops or try here
For ideas and inspiration try here
please remember to leave a message here
if you would like to be entered x


Wendy said...

This is so cool. Your finished creation is absolutely enchanting. I love it. Where can you buy the plastic?
I think it turned out beautiful.
Thanks for sharing

pippinsnest said...

Hello wendy
you can buy it in most craft shops and it comes in printable &
(non printable) which can be use for drawing on and rubber stamping.

I have update also my post with inspiration & ideas links to help please take a look!

Julie x

Kaylene said...

My you are talented to turn a mistake (not that I could see) into a great piece of art.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, this is so pretty. I'd love to win this! Purple is my favorite color, and do I see a fairy in this picture? I am really into fairies right now.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley